Amazing moment in B.C.

Hi friends!

As some of you might know this past weekend I went skiing in Fernie, B.C! It was absolutely amazing to go ski back in the mountains! I finished all of my homework before I left so I wouldn’t have to do any on my vacation. I packed up my bag and shut my brain off from school for 5 days! But little did I know that I would be learning for my learning project along the way! I met a wonderful girl named Terri who just so happened to be slowly loosing her hearing. We met one might down at the pool. She can still hear but she has learnt sign language as she knew she would lose her hearing one day. I did not ask her all the details as we had just met but I did have the best weekend getting to know her!

I met her the second night I was there which would of been Friday! I obviously did not have the nerve to test out any of my sign language learnings on her but I did finally gain courage on saturday night to tell her about my learning project. She thought it was wonderful that I was learning some sign language, especially since I am a teacher. I explained my dream is to become fluent and teach deaf students. She seemed very happy as apparently there are not many hearing teachers that sign. I did not know this. I showed her some of the signs I knew and she taught me some new ones as well! I now know how to say:

  1. That is cool.
  2. We are friends.
  3. Want to make out? 😛
  4. Long time
  5. Short time
  6. I know
  7. Yes and No
  8. My name is
  9. I love you
  10. Are you okay?

I am just so overwhelmed that out of all the resorts, in all the places of the world I went to the one where I found Terri and she inspired me to continue to work hard after this learning project is over. I have officially decided I was to take sign language classes after I graduate from University. I have researched and found a website called Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service (SDHHS) that states there are certain levels of classes you can take. I plan to take Level 101 followed by Level 201.

It is unbelievable how much I learn from spending just 2 nights with Terri. I constantly find myself wishing I had someone close to me in my life who could teach me and communicate with me in sign language all day. I truly believe the fastest and best way to learn is by doing. I learn hands on so Terri was truly a blessing to assuring me I want to pursue my dream of learning ASL.

Have you ever met someone who inspired you? Have you seen them since?


2 thoughts on “Amazing moment in B.C.

  1. This such an amazing story! I am learning ASL for my learning project, and can only dream of something like this happening. So cool! I can’t wait for more of your posts friend! 🙂


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